The olive grove, which extends over 60 hectares, is located in Lerida, on the municipality of Albagès, small village of 500 inhabitants, about hundred kilometers of the West of Barcelona. At 372 meters, in the Catalan scrublands, the property offers a hilly landscape, made up of calcareous rocks and covered with an ochre clay, emphasizing the olive trees which we admire as far as the eye can see.

In the middle of the olive trees field, there are small stone farms, called “Bordes”. From the 19th century, they were shelters to the farmers who left several months for the olives harvest from November till January.

This harvesting time has the benefit of cool nights and typical persistent morning mists of the Mediterranean climat. Indeed, its annual average pluviometry is 375 mm, with a moist spring and summer drought.

This province is both the Mecca of rural tourism and a paradise for the enthusiasts of ornithology. It’s also renowned for its gastronomy and its  label garanteeing the quality of olive oil, cheeses and pears.

The olive oil label of quality « les garrigues », with its 30 years of existence, is the oldest of Spain. In 1996, this oil is certified “Appellation d’Origine Protégée” by the European Union. Thanks to a strict control of the production and the elaboration, it guarantees that the oil is one of the best of the world.